Why is it worth it to work with us?

We guarantee a well-paid job in a team of experienced professionals. We will teach you all that you need, and will provide you with great opportunities to develop your career path! Join the PREFA Solutions team and find out yourself! We are waiting for you.

Full-time employment

When you join our team, you will be guaranteed a full-time position and an employment contract. You will be legally employed, and we will provide you with all the necessary medical benefits.

Attractive pay

As a member of the PREFA Solutions team, you do not need to worry about your income. We offer very substantial income to our employees, which may rise as you develop and rise in the ranks in our company. What’s equally important: Your remuneration is always credited to your account on time.

Training and development

The quality of our products, and occupational health and safety, are very important for us, hence, our employees are provided with a range of specialised training courses that help you improve your qualifications and solidify your knowledge.

Travel options

Thanks to working at PREFA Solutions you will be able to take part in several so-called assembly trips to customers in Western Europe, in countries such as France, Germany or Switzerland. During the trip, you will not only earn extra money, but will get to know new places and people.

Care by experienced superiors

As soon as we recognise your skills and work experience in a particular position, you will be cared for by an experienced manager or foreman. Thanks to this, You will get to know your new Team better and will be able to ease into working with us. Continue your development under the care of our experienced personnel!

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