We invite you to come and take a look at our show home in Kraków.The address is Zakopiańska 56

We invite you to come and take a look at our show home in KrakówThe address is Zakopiańska 56

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Let’s meet :)

If you are dreaming of your own year-round home, or a Summer home or just a getaway, if you want it to be environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, modern and ergonomic, then our offer is perfect for you.

Come see our show home at a time suitable to your capacities, and fall in love with the solutions offered by PREFA House.

See, touch, feel

Our show home is a size M building with a floor area of 26 sq m, with a gable roof and a larch wood façade. The house is fully equipped with all systems, home appliances and entertainment equipment, as well as furniture made by us.

Solid know-how, years of experience and a team of industry experts have turned us into a strong business partner, who will develop a durable and beautiful to last for years – for you and your family.

Do you want to drop by?Suggest a date, and our employeeswill confirm the meeting by phone.

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