Who we are?

PREFA House is a production brand of PREFA Solutions dedicated to the manufacture of premium class modular housing for year-round use.

What isour advantage

What makes us stand out from among other companies doing modular house projects are our long years of experience. The hotel chains Marriott, Hilton, Radisson are the key brands of the hotel industry. It is with these brands that we have been cooperating since 2013, making top class pre-cast bathroom modules as PREFA Solutions; our bathroom modules made their way to France, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. The knowledge we have gained during the execution of uniquely complex modular projects became the starting point for us to create a separate production line – to provide premium-quality modular houses, branded PREFA House.


Solid know-how of PREFA Solutions, long years of experience and a team of great specialists have turned us into a strong business partner, who will create for you and your family a robust, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and beautiful house that will last for years!


The experience that we have gained manufacturing modular rooms for the hotel industry for close to ten years has provided us with the knowledge that we needed when creating our new product – modular houses and auxiliary modules.

Robust structure

PREFA House modular buildings are designed on the basis of a robust and strong steel frame.

Steel is a very universal and durable construction material. Thanks to this base material, we are certain that the building will not be damaged when it is set up at its target location, and that no damage to the building structure will take place during transport.

During the construction process of the steel structure, no aldehyde compounds are formed. As a result, the entire process is environmentally-friendly.

We use so-called cold-bent and hot-rolled profiles that are subsequently varnished. Thanks to this work, the steel is protected from corrosion, humidity and any possible microscopic damage.

Modular housing

A module means that your house will be erected on the basis of a steel structure joined with all the finishing materials and delivered as a whole to the construction site.

We can guarantee that the building will not only stand up to all possible quality and strength criteria equal to those for traditional houses, but also that it will greatly exceed them in terms of financial, environmental and aesthetic factors.

This technology that we’ve perfectly mastered, is a guarantee for our Customers that there will be no delays caused by weather conditions or lack of personnel, raw material shortages and the problem of removing construction material from the construction site. Modularity is a guarantee of timeliness, meaning, faster return on the investment – an issue of importance both for private as well as for commercial investors.