Who we are?

PREFA House is a brand of PREFA Solutions dedicated to the manufacture of ecological, environmentally-friendly premium class modular housing for year-round use.

The experience that we have gained designing modules for the hotel industry for close to ten years has provided us with the knowledge that we have put into use when creating our new product – modular houses and additional modules. The challenges that we had to overcome working with the giants of the hotel ndustry – Radisson, Accor or OKKO, have generated unparalleled quality for PREFA House.

Flexibility & ecology

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Our experience is the result of cooperation with the world’s top brands

But that’s not all

Are you frightened of the formalities related to building a house? Do you have a plot of land located in a difficult spot or at a body of water? Would you like your house to fit in perfectly with its surroundings, and provide you with a feeling of fusion with nature? No problem! See some of the advantages of our modular homes.

A house that can be built without an official permit

Thanks to the fact that each building is just 35 sq m in size, in Poland it is not necessary to obtain an official construction permit. All it takes is a simple notification, the acknowledgement of which is received according to a quick and simple administrative process.

Your house, your choice

Everybody will find something for themselves here. We offer small, larger and big buildings. We offer buildings with flat or gable roofs and various types of façades (steel, wood, composite material).

Modern design

We have made every effort for buildings that are financially accessible to the majority of society not to lose their aesthetic properties at all. Together with our design studio, we have created uniquely beautiful interiors with a wonderful outside look.

Be at the very heart of nature

Irrespective of the size of the house we are dealing with, the designers’ priority is to provide as much sunlight as possible and for the house to be open to the nature that surrounds it.


Your house will be erected at the factory on the basis of a steel structure joined with all the finishing materials, and delivered ready to the construction site. Naturally, we can guarantee that the building will not only conform to all kinds of quality and strength criteria that apply to traditional houses, but it will greatly exceed them in terms of economy, functionality and aesthetics.


You select the condition, in which your house will be delivered. You can finish it yourself, or we can equip it at the factory.


Thanks to technology, we were able to eliminate all possible delays in comparison to traditional building.

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